Meet Our Family



Chef, Owner

Mama was our neighborhood mother growing up. We always had 5-9 kids over and she was busy cooking everything from fried chicken and mashed potatoes to lasagna to, of course, Japanese cuisine. She is a master in baking cakes and has made several beautiful wedding cakes, baby shower cakes and more. Her passion for cooking always had her playing around with the idea of opening her own restaurant. After vending at several festivals and catering weddings for friends and lunches for work, she's finally settled on the idea of opening Sajima Street Fare.



Chef, Co-owner

Also a Sajima native, Hiroko and Manami have been inseparable best friends since kindergarten. Her passion in food has taken her on a diverse culinary journey throughout her life. She has certificates/licenses in cooking, nutrition, and teaching culinary practices. She has experience working at the research department at Nissin, product development at 7-Eleven, and has 5 years experience working for Tokyo Gas. Her experience and insight is an invaluable resource for our company. With her support, we hope to forever be able to provide top-notch food at affordable prices.



We have a whole line of food lovers and cooks on both sides of the family. From my mother's side we have Baba, my grandmother, who spent many years in Sajima, Japan cooking for her husband and the many business men he worked with. Just a couple years ago she left her home of 50+ years and everything familiar to her to live with her only remaining family here in Florida. Here she over-feeds our Supervisor, Hachi, and loves counting the fresh eggs our wonderful chickens leave for us every day. At 88 years old, she's still quick to school me on the proper way to cook traditional foods. 

onigiri hachi.jpg



Adopted into our family at 2 years old, Hachi keeps us all smiling with his slobbery kisses and loud snores. He keeps a close eye on all our cooking ventures and makes sure all of our ingredients are up to the highest quality. A kind and loving supervisor, Hachi may be a little too lenient on anyone that drops precious ingredients on the ground.



Hi! I'm Stacy, proud daughter and biggest fan of the owner of this exciting new business. I help with everything behind the scenes (and some in front). I'll be your primary contact in terms of answering phone calls and emails. If you have any feedback, advice or comments please reach out to me at any time! Everything from kind words to constructive criticism is appreciated and will be treated with the utmost attention and importance. Looking forward to hearing from you < 3